Sunday, October 17, 2010

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

Blues and a poem for a lazy Sunday.

B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray's brother, Jimmie Vaughan.

Excerpt from "Finding Your Way Home, A Soul Survival Kit" by Melody Beattie:

"Fear comes seemingly from out of the blue and disrupts the whole of your life. You can't think, can't feel, can't find the next step, and can't connect with your soul and heart. It disrupts the flow, gets in the way, makes you feel crazy and disconnected from yourself, from God, and from the world around you. Answers seem just out of reach. They all feel wrong anyway, because all you can feel is your fear."


Stand Tall

I wrestle a beast I cannot see,
A monster, fierce and bold.
She destroys and devours,

Stop. Stand still. Turn.
Face the madness in her eyes.
Don't look away,
Stare her down.
Stand tall.

She is smoke and mirrors,
Nothing more.
Look close, push back
Watch her fall.

The smoke clears,
The mirror implodes.
Shards shatter and fly.
Tuck. Duck. Survive.
Stand tall.

~Olivia J. Herrell


Anonymous said...

Great poem! I especially liked the last line :)

The Words Crafter said...

Oh, I love these! Especially the second one. Great advice. Fear SUX!!!


Wonderful poem, such a pleasure to read.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Can't go wrong with blues on a lazy Sunday.

Great verses.

And running from fear only fans the flames of it. Facing it sheds light on your fear, gives you handholds to grasp and fight it. And it always seems smaller in the light of reason, doesn't it?

Renae said...

Great verses. Thanks for the advice!

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Erica, thank you!

Words Crafter, I'm learning a lot about fear these days. Being in fear does suck. But learning the lesson it is trying to teach us and walking through it brings freedom.

Yvonne, thank you!

Roland, well said. And thank you.

Renae, thank you. And you're welcome. ;)


Jemi Fraser said...

Wonderful! Fear can be devastating - great words of advice :)

Jules said...

Well I see you can at least write about the beast, good job!

Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

PS Can't beat BB

Ivy Bliss said...

I officially don't like you anymore. My sponsor just whipped that false evidence appearing real crap at me last night. Great. Thanks. hahahaha.
I love the poem. I may print it out and stuff it in her mailbox.
Love you!

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Jemi, yes. And it masquerades as so many other things that sometimes it's hard to know it's just that danged old fear monster in disguise.

Jules, BB rocks. Welcome back! And thanks.

Ivy, I know, huh! Print and stuff away my dear friend. Love you, too!


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