Monday, October 31, 2016

No Tricks. TREAT!!!

Double Rainbow Over Nampa, Idaho 10/30/2016

I did it! Draft 3 of Blessed Are the Peace Makers, Coming Home is complete. Yeeehaaaaa!

As it stands, the word count is 104,300 or about 500 pages published.

I emailed the manuscript to five different readers and am anxiously awaiting feedback from each. Fingers crossed these guys and gals will love it and get back to me quickly.

I do need a few author-readers. Are any of you interested in reading my fairly-well edited Southern Fantasy?

To celebrate, I enrolled (via Twitter) in a free query workshop with French Press Bookworks and author James Stryker, the query ninja. After finishing the draft on Tuesday last, I cobbled together a quick query letter and emailed it to James and French Press. (Look for a post later this week for details and a video of what turned out to be a live Author Roundtable with me as guest!)

Also, I signed up today for NaNoWriMo 2016 which starts…TOMORROW…to complete the last 50,000 words of the second novel in the trilogy, Blessed Are the Peace Makers, Coming To. I'll be counting on you guys to stop by That Rebel and cheer me on.

Much has changed in my life these last months, but the burning desire to get Blessed out and in to your hands has not. To further that, I will be posting here at That Rebel weekly. My goal is twice a week, though the days will float depending on my life and schedule.

I need your help. If I show up, will you? I can’t do it without you. 

As always, thank you for stopping by That Rebel, and for your comments, blog-love and support.

I'll see you in few days,

That Rebel, OJ Barré
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