Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anticipating NaNoWriMo

Ever get so caught up in the excitement and anticipation of doing something that you can’t contain yourself long enough to take the steps necessary for it to succeed?

Yeah. Me too.
Today that thing is National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo.

I did my first one in 2012. No, I did not “win” by reaching the goal of 50,000 words, but I did write way more than I otherwise would've in that time. 2013 was a passing blur and I don’t remember why I missed the fun, but I’m all in for 2014.


v  Wish me luck. If I remember correctly, that works out to 1666 words a day.

v  Hold those tea, lunch, dinner, movie, play, ballgame, dance, etcetera invites until December 1st. Starting Saturday, and for the following twenty-nine days, other than time spent working, I will be writing.

v  Be my cheerleader. All positive reinforcement is welcome and needed, including, but not limited to: attagirls, balloon bouquets, singing telegrams, social media plugs, prayers, flowers, good thoughts, inspirational texts, celebration parties, chocolate, green tea, flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks.

v  Follow me (or friend me) on Facebook. I’ll post occasional updates there, as well as here at That Rebel.

v  If you’re a writer and are interested in writing a novel in thirty days, join us for NaNoWriMo.

v  If you are doing NaNo, consider joining us on Facebook. It is a private group, so if interested, leave a message in the comments below or tag me on Facebook and I’ll add you.

There. With any luck at all, I can focus now. I have a few scenes to finish for Book One before I push on to Book Two, which means finishing by Friday. (Of course, if not, it will wait until December.)

~ Olivia J. Herrell, October 28, 2014

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A.T. Post said...

Wow. Our first NaNoWriMo was 2012, and we both skipped 2013, and we're both doing it again 2014. What're the odds? We really are writing buddies.

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