Saturday, June 3, 2017


I love that God has a sense of humor. Last night I prayed for an answer to a looming decision - which of two actions is the best for me to take? This time my answer wasn't sent via dream.

It appeared in the guise of a horoscope.

Don't poke the Mama Bear.

I didn't. I promise. I let her have her way.

But first, I made a list of all that needed doing, with the intent of following-though later in the day.

Well hoo hoo hah. Guess what?

This morning, Mama Bear got her way. But, less than three hours into the afternoon's work session, she roared. Loudly.


Granted, the last two hours had been a bust, and the simple task no nearer completion.Shutting my laptop in extreme frustration, I came outside to regain some balance.

Now I pause to wonder. Do I really want to waste another minute keeping his fly-tying website with DonO's old provider?

Bluehost has a $2.95 a month special for the first year. How 'bout we pick up and go there for our hosting needs? The Bluehost I remember gives excellent customer service. Their system, while formidable to a dilettante geek like me, is at least doable. And did I say, their tech support is superb?

Done. Sold. No more debacles with ITX. Mama Bear says so.

But, she's still poked. Only a few things are marked off our to-do list. Which means weekend work. Until it's all done. Then Mama Bear can go back to being happy.

Want a peek at my list?
  1. Set goals for June.
  2. Write a blog post for That Rebel. Another for Dr. O.
  3. Transfer DonO's new Fantasy Flies website from to .org.
  4. Attend/watch a webinar re: Essential Oils certification, plus my doTERRA gameplan.
  5. Call Dr. G re: Position.
  6. Take care of Mama Bear.
Seriously. Only Mama Bear was first. Else, NOTHING would get done.

And yes, beside the website transfer, and the Dr. O blog post, the rest of my list is complete!

Do you have a Mama Bear? Care to share? What happens when your Mama Bear gets poked?

That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré

P.S. When O.J.'s not writing, Mama Bear lives in a mildly-poked state, so I'm hoping this post helps calm her.

P.P.S. My Mama Bear is me.

O.J. Barré is author of the upcoming BLESSED ARE THE PEACE MAKERS trilogy. Book One, COMING HOME, is complete and in query. The first draft of Book Two, COMING TO, is nearing completion, and Book Three, COMING FULL CIRCLE, is swirling in the mists of creation.

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