Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Progress, Not Perfection

I am happily entrenched in the first round of edits for Awen Storm, the second book in the Awen Trilogy. 

Wanna read a snippet?

In spite of his intentions to the contrary, Mitch called a limousine. If he drove, he couldn’t drink—and he planned on getting sloshed. He wouldn’t need to find a parking place or worry about having his Beemer stolen by some roving gang. When a text heralded the limo’s arrival, Mitch changed his mind. He had no desire to spend time listening to a born-again evangelist, even a sexy female one. But Iman, the driver, pulled up at his door and Mitch got in the sleek car.
“Fox Theater, please.”
These paragraphs begin a chapter nearing the halfway mark. Mitch is MC Emily's half-brother and firmly entrenched in the thick of things. He despises Emily and seeks to steal her position as Grand Druid. In this scene, he is about to get entangled with her witchy stalker. Look out Emily!

How is life treating you all? I miss you!

~ That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré

P.S. I'm still having issues with my left arm and lower back nearly a month post-accident. Wahh. 

O.J. Barré is author of the upcoming Awen trilogy, a rollicking fantasy set in 2042CE steeped in current, ancient, and future history. Book One, Awen Rising, is complete and in query. Book Two, Awen Storm, is in early edits, and the first draft of Book Three, Awen Tide, is in process.

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Debra said...

That snippet was well-done! Keep up the great work. Your writer's work ethic is an inspiration to me!

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