Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fun, Fast, Sexy Urban Fantasy - End of Summer Sale

Summer is rapidly winding down, making it a great time to offer my ebooks to you at a SUBSTANTIAL discount.

From today, Wednesday, August 18th, through Sunday, August 22nd, the first book in the Awen Trilogy, AWEN RISING, is available for FREE. Yep. You read that right. FREE. Click on the book cover to "buy" the first book for free from 8/18 through 8/22/21.

If you would like to read a sample, you can go here - or click on the "Read Inside" Cover on the top left of its Amazon page.

Buy Awen Rising (FREE)


From Wednesday, August 18th, through Tuesday, August 24th, the second book in the Awen Trilogy, AWEN STORM, will be on sale for $.99. That's 4 bucks cheaper than its regular price of $4.99. To know more about Awen Storm, click on the "Read Inside" Cover on the top left of its Amazon page.

Buy Awen Storm - $.99


For $.99, you can own both ebooks! That's a savings of 88%! Click the picture below to buy both ebooks in the Awen Trilogy for $.99.

Buy Both Books - $.99


I'd like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Your loving support over the last two years has helped many new readers find my Awen Trilogy!

Am I shooting for many, many more of each? You bet I am. The deeper I get into this writing career, the more I love it. And the more ideas I have for new books!

Y'all keep reading and I'll keep writing!

That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O. J. Barré

P. S. If you're in a sharing mood, it would be awesome if you would spread the word! Simply copy the URL in the browser bar (or here: and share it on Facebook - or Twitter - or Instagram - or TikTok - or any other social media, or even your blog! OR, you can email it to anyone you think might be interested in reading the Awen Trilogy - and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your help in getting the word out!

O. J. Barré is the author of the Awen Trilogy, a pre-apocalyptic urban fantasy set in 2042 Atlanta. Steeped in current, ancient, and future history twists, Book One, Awen Rising, debuted July 2019. Book Two, Awen Storm, released May 2020. Book Three, Awen Tide, is on preorder and will be released in 2022. All are (or will be) available in both paperback and ebook.

O. J.'s Awen Prequel novelette, The Druids of Marduk, Part I, is available in ebook on Amazon or by signing up for her newsletter. The second, The Druids of Marduk, Part II: UnderEarth, an ebook novella, is available on Amazon. Part III: AboveEarth, is scheduled for a 2022 release.

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