Saturday, June 25, 2022

Another Day, Another... MOVE?!

My life is in turmoil again. But, hell's bells. When is it not? Especially these last few years?

I am moving again. This time to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Yes, you read that right. This Georgia girl is moving to Wyoming. 

Why? My sister, the reason I moved to Idaho in the first place, has decided she wants to be close to her grandbabies. Havilah is nine. Donovan is five. And they grow up so fast.

I đŸ–¤Vedauwoo Wyoming

I have a choice. I could stay in Nampa. But the truth is, I've never warmed up to Idaho. Yes, it's beautiful in a desert-y sort of way, and I love my writing partner, coworkers, and patients. But the summers can be brutal - much hotter, believe it or not, than my hometown of Villa Rica, near Atlanta, Georgia.

Vedauwoo - 30 Miles West of Cheyenne

Plus, people are flocking here to the Treasure Valley and have been for years. In DROVES. From California, Oregon, and all over - bringing the traffic and sprawl with them. Sayonara, y'all. I'm outta here. Cheyenne's population is seventy thousand tops and its growth rate is 1-2% annually versus half a million live bodies and 40 - 90% growth here in the Valley, depending on the city.

Yeah. I like Cheyenne's stats.

Vedauwoo Wyoming

But won't I freeze to death in Wyoming? Isn't that why no one wants to move there? 

Yeah, well. Maybe. But, I'll deal. Since moving to Idaho, I've learned that I'm made of tougher stuff than I'd long believed. I would be willing to bet that you are, too. But as I said earlier, it's the lack of humidity that gets me. The weather, I can dress for, but I don't own a personal portable sauna. Hmm, maybe I should. Would someone invent one for me?!

Flowers Everywhere - July 2, 2016 Vedauwoo

And, oh, how I miss the rain - the thunderstorms, the proliferation of green, the blessed humidity that provides an opaque canopy that shields us puny mortals from the sun. The sky is deep blue out west for a reason—there's no moisture here. Or precious little. 

The Meadows Ablaze with Color

But, Cheyenne's climate is similar to Boise's, and I've adapted to that over the last six years. Other than the first crazy winter when I arrived - 2016 Snowmageddon - the snowfall has been minimal. Especially considering how far north we are. On the other hand, winter does start earlier and it lasts longer in Cheyenne. And they have more wind. But it's windy here too.

And Ladybugs!

Anyway, it's all in motion. The house is listed. We've had two moving/garage sales with one (two?) more to come. There is an agent at the house doing a FaceTime showing to someone from out of town. And I'm at The Habit writing this post and getting my Santa Barbara Charburger fix on.

Brooding Wyoming Sky at Vedauwoo

Now my belly is full and my bucket of hopes and dreams is too.

Until next time,

That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O. J. Barré

P.S. The upcoming move has me pondering all sorts of possibilities. Including, but not limited to, retiring from chiropractic altogether and pursuing a couple of less mentally, physically, and emotionally-draining activities. Both pastimes intrigue me, though one is intended to provide a source of spending money, the other will challenge me in all sorts of ways - including getting me out of the house and into nature! What's not to love about that?

P.P.S. I took the above pictures at Vedauwoo (pronounced VEE-duh-voo) near Cheyenne on July 2, 2016. It's a vast and impressive monument to God's creative nature with a sense of spirit and timelessness that is nearly breathtaking. I'm looking forward to becoming friends with the rocks, forests, and streams there. 

P.P.S.S. From the website

Located 10 minutes west of Curt Gowdy State Park is Medicine Bow National Forest and the Vedauwoo Recreation Area. Named by the indigenous people who called the area home it means “Land of the Earthborn Spirit”. Here you will find world-class rock climbing and bouldering opportunities on breathtaking rock formations made of pink feldspar, white quartz, and black specs of hornblende. Forged by fire, ice, and wind, climbing opportunities for all levels can be found. At a starting point of 8200 feet, it won’t take long to enjoy the amazing vistas of the Rocky Mountains and the vast expanse of the high plains. Staying closer to the ground, explore miles and miles of dirt roads for ATVing, hiking trails, and backcountry camping opportunities. Moose, elk, mule deer, and countless other birds and animals call this special place home.

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Anonymous said...

Olivia, your writing partner loves you too!!! And I love the spunky way you’re approaching this move. You approach writing in the same way: “Let’s move ahead and make the best of this!” And you will How glad I am you moved to Nampa six years ago. Our friendship is eternal!

O. J. Barré said...

Awww, thank you, Debbie! Yes, I learned at a young age that rolling with the punches was the way to survive. And who doesn't enjoy making and drinking lemonade?

You were one of the first people I met after moving to Nampa, Idaho. I'm so glad I took your Creative Writing course. You opened my eyes to a thing or two and have become my mainstay. I'll miss our writing group lunches, but am hoping to see you as you pass through on the way to see your son and his family! I love you lots and have missed you immensely since you've been away in DC on your mission with Norm.

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