Saturday, July 25, 2009

Attorney Misdirection and Lies

Saturday, 5:24 a.m. Bugsy wakes me, meow. As his wish is my command, I'm up, throw on a teeshirt against the chill of the morning, and let him out. It's light, but barely. This is our morning ritual, both of us rising early to answer the call of nature.

I crawl back in bed, he carouses. Usually I'm back asleep within minutes. Not today (though it's Saturday). I am ambushed by sharp, pointy thought-darts, about the attorney who lied to me. He gave me false information to get my business, took my money, then denied ever having given me that advice. I made my decision to hire him based on the fact that he told me, twice, that he believed he could get part of my exorbitant student loan interest discharged for me.

Then, on my return to bring paperwork and pay the balance, he reneged. Said he would never say that. Kept saying over and over and over again, protesting waaaaaaay too much: "I do this all the time and I would never say that."

Bull Caca. Yes. You did. In fact, not only did you TELL me that, twice, we even discussed how it might work!

Then he resorted to a cheap theatrical ploy, no doubt seeing a petite, redheaded female MARK sitting in front of him! He slammed my papers down on the table, stood up and said "Take your stuff, I don't want to work with you." I took my papers and left, asking that my deposit be returned.

Weeks later it had yet to be returned, so my Prepaid Legal attorney sent him a letter. The fellow responded and he wants to deduct "costs" from my $500. Which means...he'll nickel and dime till there's nothing left. Even though he did nothing fruitful for me at all. Nothing. And you know what? I never even signed a contract with the fellow. Yet he can lie to me and keep my $500.

Where is the justice in THAT?

No, I'm not naming names here. Just suffice it to say, it's 10:08 a.m. and I've been up for almost 5 hours. And I'm still seething. Me, who usually walks away.

But I'm tired of being dumped on because people think they're above the mores of common decency. Tired and done. No more dumping. This dump is closed!


Jehremy said...

I think the cost of having to replace 4 slashed tires on a Mercedes has to be more than $500. ;)

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

I know, huh!

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