Sunday, July 26, 2009

Expletives Deleted

Hello, it's Sunday. I slept in. Till 8:26 anyway...

The anger from yesterday has drained away. At least for now. When I get back in the little rental car that may change. But for now, we're good.

Yesterday it coursed through my veins like steroids. I barked at drivers that got in my way (yes, my windows were up and the A/C on), letting steam escape so my head didn't blow. The anger simmered, trying to boil, even after spouting in my first-day blog. Interesting how much energy anger creates, it forced me to begin what I'd been contemplating for a year!

So I'm driving down Westlake Blvd, turning on to Hillcrest, when Gretchen Wilson, singing "Redneck Woman", called for a collective "Hell Yeah". Being the good-ole country girl that I am, I obliged. Only immediately following my mondo-loud 'Hell Yeah', came a slew of expletives at the top of my lungs. It felt so good I just let 'er rip till the air was all gone!

But that was nowhere near the end. I couldn't find the car lot. It wasn't on Wendy where I'd thought. Harold called me and wished he hadn't. I was hungry and still angry. So I headed for comfort food heaven, In and Out Burger, for a cheeseburger, fries (cut and cooked fresh before your eyes) and Classic Coke. I ate inside where it was nice and cool and enjoyed every bite.

The food helped. I got back in the crappy rental car that is new and full of out-gassing fumes that are now giving me a headache and the seat is so uncomfortable it makes my right hip ache. Do you get how miserable I was?

I found the lot, and nada. But I'm now in Newbury Park, so I decide to drive back to Westlake via Potrero Road, which nestles up against the Santa Monica Mtns. It's wild and free in places, meandering past large horse farms and estates. Beautiful. Peaceful. Serene. Exactly what I needed. My heart quiets. My soul breathes.

Once home, I throw on sloppy clothes, grab my Terry Brooks book, Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold, and immersed myself in a fantasy world that is eerily like our own.

I dwelt in that land peopled with fairies, gnomes, kings and a dragon till I turned the lights out, knowing that soon I'd be buying the second in the series. Or maybe I'll do something different, this time, and find the nearest library and check it out. I had never read a Terry Brooks book, but last week, when browsing the aisles at Barnes and Noble, this one literally leapt off the rack. And made me buy it. I'm still not sure why, though it was an excellent read. And, I can't help seeing the parallels between Ben Holiday's struggles and my own.

Today, for now, I'm done struggling. I'm done being pissed off. Maybe I'll find my own magic kingdom. Who knows...

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