Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Perfect Day

I'm so happy. This morning, I got the best adjustment I've had in years and met two awesome Activator docs, both practicing in Canton. It was a forty-five minute drive for me, but worth it.

After a stop for a decaf mocha at Starbucks, I spent an hour at the Cumming Group noon AA meeting, and heard exactly what I needed to hear. About surrender, about stepping out of the dance, and so much more.

Afterward, I drove north on beautiful Hwy 9 to Dawsonville, and revelled in the knowledge that I'm becoming somewhat oriented, and beginning to learn my way around.

I passed the buildings I looked at yesterday on the square (for a new office for my chiropractic practice), and then drove up Shoal Creek Rd to Hwy 136, right on Baily Waters Rd, past the Kangaroo Conservancy and, finally, up New Hope Circle and the long driveway, to the place we rented last weekend.

We'll be moving there in a couple of weeks, and I don't have the keys yet. So, I sat on the back steps for forty-five minutes, in the warm winter sun talking to my friend, Mary, back in SoCal, on the phone.

As I sat, I shared the journey of my heart over these last two months, and soaked up her quiet wisdom with the sun. The day was still, and the quiet was broken only by our voices and some roosters crowing in the distance, a woodpecker chattering as it hopped about the white oak, and a neighborhood cat who prowled through the garden. Occasionally, a gentle wind sighed in the trees, whispering sweetly, "Welcome Home".

I ended our call with promises of more, took a few pictures, then walked around my new tin palace, past our 30' x 20' garden, and stopped to gaze at the Appalachian Mountains to the north.

Reluctant to leave, I moved toward the car. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied several clumps of tiny green spires inching out of the dirt by the tool shed. At first, I dismissed them as wild onions, but then decided to bend down for a closer look. No onions were these, and too dainty for my favorites, daffodils. But they were definitely some type of spring bulb.

Oh, the thrill those spikes brought to my heart on this spring-like day, in the middle of what has been a cold and frozen winter.

Back in the car, heading down the driveway, with a grin on my face, I called Randy, the expert, to find out what they were and...of course...crocuses!

I'm going to love living there, on that three-quarter acre plot of heaven on earth. And, I'm grateful that we'll move in the winter. I'll be there to see those crocuses bloom, and no doubt will discover all sorts of nature's delights in my backyard. I haven't seen a Georgia spring since I left eleven years ago. And after a winter of this magnitude, the rains we've had and the frozen ground, it should be a sight to behold!

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