Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Download

Night before last, the cows in the pasture by my bedroom window were lowing. Loudly. And often. Enough that I thought maybe something was wrong; a wild animal was threatening, a cow was calving, one was lost and they were trying to find it.

I thought about getting up with a flashlight and going to the rescue. Then I fell asleep.

They were still at it in the morning. Not just random moos, but moo moo moo moo moo, over and over and over. Looking out over the pasture, I saw nothing amiss. Eventually, they stopped. (Randy said simply, "it's springtime". Ahh. I'm slow, but get the drift.)

This morning, I sat with my tea on the back steps to listen to the birds. They're moving back, moving in, building nests. I saw them mostly in silhouette, in the cloudy-morning light. Some of the tiniest birds make the biggest noises.

There's a family of blue jays. A pair of titmice building a nest in the photina. Canadian Geese flew over, headed west, so I'm guessing they're taking up residence for the summer. I did not see my precious mockingbird. But the red-headed woodpecker was about.

Yesterday was a warm, sunny day, so I drove Betty with her top down to Dahlonega to pick up the banner for the office. I grabbed lunch at Chic-Fil-A, and bypassed my sign guy for a drive on a side road to eat.

North Georgia is greening and flowering, becoming more beautiful by the day. I got so caught up in the lovely sights, I almost forgot to turn around for my sign.

The daffodils are in full gloriosity, the yellowbells are in mid-bloom. I saw a quince, cherry trees, plums and saucer magnolias, all in early stages of blossom. The pear trees are just beginning to tip.

I passed a tiny airport with an enormous flag billowing in the lazy wind.

And an old, abandoned house surrounded by woods and daffodils.

On the way to Dawsonville to hang the banner, I stopped by The Sage Brush, a little shop I'd found the day before. I needed a hat to shield my eyes (remember, I'm running around top-down) and found one for $2.50 on consignment! A cutie that I would never have paid full price for, but at $2.50, I'm lovin' it.

To top off the day, I went to the 6 o'clock meeting, where I was asked to be discussion leader. Ha. Me. The new kid in town. I am grateful for this meeting and its people, and have decided to make it my home group. I even got a sponsor. (I haven't had either in years).

I am loved. Already. And I've only been around a short time.

To wrap it up, today is my AA anniversary. Nineteen years ago, I stopped drinking and drugging. Coming from a family with alcoholics on both sides of the family tree, that's saying a lot. Alcoholism killed my father at 49, my brother at 33, and my mother at 74. I am grateful I made it into recovery.

There is a noon meeting in Dahlonega. I think I'll go meet some new friends today. I will pick up a blue chip to celebrate sobriety. And to mark a new day in the life that I am choosing to live.

Photographs from top to bottom: Red-headed woodpecker caught in rare still moment (moves constantly!), field of daffodils in full bloom, flag billowing in the lazy wind, daffodils surrounding an old, abandoned house


Lee Keaton said...

Hi Olivia, Many congrats and bravos for the 19 years. So glad to know that you are loving life and that it is loving you back. May blessings always come your way! Lee

Ivy Bliss said...

Happy Birthday! How wonderful!
I too, recently got a NEW sponsor and started participating in my homegroup. (I have had both for a long time - but in that name-only way so I can say yes when people ask if I do!) I sat around using school and work and life as an excuse to do the bear minimmum...and it worked. But I grew weary. Lately, I've been seeing things differently. And I notice you are, too. Isn't change for the better great!
I love you so much! Enjoy the celebration that today is.

A.T. Post said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. I'm tempted to stay away from alcoholism now, after hearing about your poor relatives.

You know, for somebody who claims to not be having any fun in Georgia, you certainly can describe the place simply, eloquently, and lusciously. These are some beautiful descriptions. Your writing is refreshingly straightforward, Rebel.

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Lee, thank you for the bravos. I always appreciate you being here and love when you check in. I'm still looking forward to your own escapades, gotten started on that blog yet?

Ivy, we're so much alike, it's eerie, and yes, I am seeing things through somewhat different eyes these days, and happy for it. Thank you for always showing up here, and thanks for the congrats, I love you too. What's up with no posts this week? I'm missing your wit and humor. And, I still want to know where you got that potty mouth picture...

Postman, the fact that you stop over to read my latest is high praise from such a talented wordsmith, but you're generous, too, and that is even more remarkable. My humble thanks to you, kind Sir.

If you can host a cocktail party and not drink a bit (as you just did), you're most likely not an alcoholic. We just can't seem to help ourselves where booze is concerned.

I AM having fun in GA. Things haven't worked out as I'd hoped, and that's made me sad (and induced a case or two of the whines)...but springtime is here in earnest, the plants and birds are happy, so it's hard not to be happy along with them. Thanks again!

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