Friday, August 20, 2010

The Truth Revealed

Hi Y'all! My cousin has a 17" HP laptop but they haven't set up the wireless yet. I wanted to check in and let you know that EACH of the seven holds a kernel of truth. Six are exaggerated.

1) I DO love cemeteries, but sorry Wally, not so much at night. Probably has something to do with all those scary movies I watched as a child.

2) To Stephen and The Words Crafter: I currently only hold a chiropractic license (in both GA and CA), but have held each of these licenses at different times in the past.

3) I have moved 19 times in the last twelve years (one shy of 20!), plus I've moved my office four times in that same time period. Kobico, you were close! The link is a post I did a while back about being a vagabond.

4) Until Bugsy, my current companion, all of my cats have been either black or some derivation. Bugsy, however, is white with black spots and tail and a tiger head. I never had cat hair all over everything until him, either!

5) I worked for Yancey Bros. Co., the Georgia Caterpillar Dealer, for eight years doing special accounting projects, then as Accounting Manager/Asst Controller, then as the Advertising Mgr. I would have LOVED to sell tractors but in the south at that time there were NO female sales people. (There probably still aren't.) Kathy, I was in Peoria a couple of times and still love Cats.

6) Jemi, Melanie and Angela all guessed this one. And YES, I am a direct descendent of William whether you call him Conqueror, the Great, the Bastard or the Redeemer on my paternal grandmother Willoughby's side. Melanie, I'm actually at a reunion on my mom's side. Not sure who all is up this ladder. :)

7)  Ed Tuleja of King Harvest was the cousin of one of my best friends. They played at Six Flags and stayed with her family for several days while there. We all did hang out, including Sherman, who actually wrote their hit song "Dancing in the Moodlight". They were much older, though, so though I had a bit of a crush, I never had a date with him.

I'm having a wonderful time in Rochester. Today we have blue skies and low humidity, temps in the 70's, ahhhhh. Tomorrow is the reunion/all day party for my cousins' 30th anniversary/vow renewal. Another cousin is performing the ceremony.

Thank you for guessing which was what. I'll see you guys in a few days. Till then, have a great weekend wherever you are. And, for your listening pleasure, here is a recording of "Dancing in the Moonlight".


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I keep learning new things about you, Olivia.

Gypsy, my cat, is different from my other cats like Bugsy.

I'm not so keep on cemeteries, night or day. I see too many wandering spirits.

I hate that you had to move so many times in the past. Whew!

Have a blast the rest of this reunion. Roland

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Are you in Rochester Minnesota or NY or somewhere else? Just curious...

Moving that many times is hard. My hubby and I moved a lot for the first 13 years of our marriage. Then stayed in one spot for 9 years. Let me tell you this last move was really hard. I'm just now acceting it and it's been 2 years...

Julia Cates said...

Yes Roland is right. I am also learning new things.
wedding vows

Melanie Sherman said...

So, what? Do you just leave all your belongings in plastic, easy-to-move containers? I mean, really, the packing is what would kill me. But you are a roaming rebel at heart. Not a bad thing a'tall.

Hope your reunion is fun.

Nicole said...

Eeeh I love moving but not THAT much!

Unknown said...

That's interesting about Caterpillar. Back when my parents owned their pharmacy, drug companies had a large number of women in their sales forces because pharmacy buyers and doctors at the time were most often male. Maybe that tactic doesn't work with southern men!

A series 7 AND a CPA! You would have made a killing in M&A... or did you?!?

I love the way you stretched the truth a bit so that we all learned a little more about you. Enjoy the reunion!

Jemi Fraser said...

Wow - I got one right! :)

That is a lot of moving - can't even imagine doing that!

jenny wilson said...

I love cemetries as wellx

Terry Stonecrop said...

Oh, man I forgot to guess these. They were fun!

dolorah said...

I have moving down to a fine art. It only takes us one day to pack it all into van, then unpack it where it belongs in the new house. Yes, boys are good for something :)

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Grab an unsuspecting partner and cut a rug for me too.


VR Barkowski said...

I love change, but with another move impending, I give. I've hit my move threshold at 9 times in 10 years. 19 times in 12 years? Makes me want to cry, Olivia. How do you have time to rebel?

Love learning all these things about you. Hope the reunion was spectacular!

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