Thursday, March 31, 2011

Award Starts with Aw(www)

Today is the official beginning of the A to Z Challenge. April Fools! NoT.  There are 934 bloggers participating. At least that was the count when I looked a few minutes ago. 934 bloggers who have accepted the challenge to blog on topics from A to Z over twenty-six days in the month of April.

Don't be surprised if I get bored and go backwards from Z to A. Or jump all over the place. The point, I think, is to build blogging muscle, writing muscle. To get in the habit of writing every day.

That said, here goes. I am starting at A. Because it is April. And because I want to.

I've received a couple of Awards over the last couple of months, during the time that I have been mostly away from blogger. This seems to be a perfect time to trot them out and thank my friends for thinking of me.

Thank you.

I may miss one. Or two. If I do, and you notice, please tell me so I can make Amends.

Dang, where are those suckers? Oh wait, I found one. The last one awarded actually, by Jules over at Trying to Get Over That Rainbow.  Thanks, Jules!

This one asks the receiver to tell 4 truths and 1 lie, then pass it on to 5 beautiful bloggers. First, the task.

1) I've found the perfect house and will be moving in within a few months.

2) My cat is having kittens.

3) I just sold Black Betty and bought a new (to me) SL450 Convertible.

4) Calvin Streets is moving here soon to hit the Atlanta blues scene and I'm so happy I could burst.

5) I hate getting awards.

Well, crapola. Thanks, Jennifer Shirk for picking the one 'lie'. You were right. But I did the exercise backwards and listed four lies and one truth. Oops. So, which one is the truth? :)

I'm passing this on to the last five bloggers I've met, most of them through Tessa and LB's Nature of Magic Blogfest. (BTW, I wasn't one of the five finalists, but I did receive a special mention for the excerpt I posted from my new work-in-process. I'm thrilled to pieces, thanks, guys!)

L.B. Diamond @ Yup-Like the Stone
Autumn @ Autumn Shelley
Linda @ Scheherazade
Laura Howard @ Finding Bliss
Monica @ Old Mommy, Still Yummy (who actually found me through A-Z!)

I received this beautiful award from two of my friends, and...

OMG! No you did not. Ummm. Yes I did. I didn't save it. It's not in my dusty award closet. Was it Donna Hole? Jules? Becky, the Words Crafter? Oh, please Universe, help me to be more organized. And please, whoever I forgot, please forgive me. Geez.

Anyway, Donna, Jules, Becky, Elliot, Eric W. Trant, Roland Yeomans, Michelle Gregory, Yvonne at Welcome to My World of Poetry and Bru at Pitch Slapped I am passing this Award along to you.

Because you are always there to hold me up and encourage me, even when I seem to be down for the count. You guys rock.

Please click over and visit these awesome writers. I am blessed and grateful to have each and every one of you in my life.

I've been at this one post for hours and I'm beginning to suspect that if each of the 26 April A to Z posts takes me this long, I probably won't make it. I do, after all, have a bestseller that needs writing. But I'll give it my best shot.

Till tomorrow, then. My hastily scribbled notes say I'll be talking about 'Be vs. Are'. Hmm. WTF? Of course, I was supposed to talk about 'A vs. The' today. Oh well.

As we say in AA, keep coming back. :)

~ Olivia J. Herrell


Denise Covey said...

Well here I am, commenter no 1. Awards. Priceless. What a good way to go for A and thank everyone for awarding you. Congrats. And to those who you passed them onto.

I have my first post:

L'Aussies Travel A - Z Challenge


February Grace said...

Aww, gee, thanks, Olivia. You're such a sweetie! Thank you for thinking of me. xoxo <3 ~bru

February Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Gregory said...

um... i know i gave it to you back when i first came up with it, but i'm so glad to get it back because that means i can pass it on to more bloggers. what fun. i'm glad someone else gave it to you as well.

Jules said...

What a way to start Rebel! Thanks for the award and it is my pleasure to be here :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Jennifer Shirk said...

Congrats on your awards!

(I say #1 is a lie)

Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O.J. Barré said...

Denise, funny thing. I added Bru at the end, 'cause I almost forgot her AND after I published and went over to Facebook I realized I'd left you out, too. After finding and inserting 50million links, I was too worn out to do another one and voila! Who showed up FIRST to comment? My friend Denise. Dang.

Come back tomorrow, L'Aussie. I have a feeling there maybe something for you. :)

Bru, you are so welcome. And deserving. Especially after what you've been (and are still going) through.

Michelle, of course! I even looked over at your blog to find it, but didn't. :( Thank you, thank you, for the bottom of my heart. And you're welcome. :)

Jules, you bet!

Jennifer, welcome! Thanks and I'll be by to visit you, too!

~ Olivia

Ellen Brickley said...

Great way to start, Olivia - I hope they inspire you to keep it up!

Ruth said...

Hey, this is Ruth at welcome to me.
You did forget to click the follow. Thanks for checking out my blog.
You have a great blog.

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Good luck with the A-Z Challenge!

Eric W. Trant said...

Thanks, Olivia! What a nice surprise. I was just deciding this Friday afternoon would be spent a-blogging, and low-n-behold, there's a nicety from Ms. Georgia Peach.


That A-Z challenge, eh... I'm just going to try to blog no less than once per week. I need to get back on this horse.

I also got Roland's book. I'm so excited!

- Eric

Michelle Gregory said...

the award is on the sidebar.

Laura Howard said...

Sweet! My first a ward-lol
I'm sensing you don't think you'll make it thru, so I suppose I better cheer you on!! You can make it thru 26 hours of blogging!! hahaha
As they say in Terminator,
I'll be back!

The Words Crafter said...

Awww, thank you very much! And I can (and am) say(ing) the same of you!!!!

It's been a crazy, insane day and you just made it much better.

Congrats on the awards, and to all the recipients!

BTW, it wasn't me; I haven't done the awards post yet.....

dolorah said...

LOL: no I didn't actually give you the Journey award, but trust me, you and several others were in my thoughts and on my list. Had to leave someone for others to pass it to :)

Thanks for sending it back to me. I'm honored you'd think of me.

Don't worry about all the A-Z posts, I'm sure they will be shorter. I've noticed the more links in a post, the longer it takes to write. I tend to get lost on a site while I'm getting the link. I love everyone's posts.

Have a good weekend Olivia.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards! :)

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