Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dragon Dreams

Each morning I wake,
scenes of Peace Makers*
dancing through my dreams.
Today it was dragons.

They arrived on scene,
playing in and out,
siren song calling,

I knew they would.

What I didn't know
(but should have suspected)
is that they want top billing.
Or as close as possible.

What I did know
(and had forgotten)
is that the story was
part theirs all along.

Welcome dragons, welcome to the story.

Today I will head to Atlanta to revisit the location/s of the final scene/s of Book One. That happens to be Oakland Cemetery and Zoo Atlanta. Lucky me!

Happy Saturday ~ Olivia J. Herrell

*Dr. Olivia J. Herrell is the author of That Rebel with a Blog and Blessed Are The Peace Makers, the Blog. She is currently editing the first of a Southern Urban Fantasy (trilogy) of the same name.

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