Monday, January 14, 2013

Literary Blockbuster Challenge

Hi Y'all,

Just popping in for a quick update on Peace Makers.

Shake and Bake!! Olivia J. Herrell

Okay. I have no idea why I signed Shake and Bake. But it popped in my head so I did. That prompted a google search. Which made me laugh. And laughs should be shared, right? HOWEVER. If PG-13 is pushing your limit, please don't read past the first few definitions. They become rather, well, obscene after that.

Who knew something that meant dinner when we were kids would rack up this many definitions in the Urban Dictionary. Of course, I'm sure the one at the end of the page was a write-in. Dictionaries by definition DO NOT misspell words. Just saying. OH. Here's the link: Shake and Bake.


Nighfala said...

I checked out the literary blockbuster challenge link. WAY too ambitious for me. I'll be happy if I can write a genre fantasy that will hold an average reader's attention for 300 pages.

You go, Olivia!

Elliot Grace said...

...if there's any justice in this often cruel world, you'll win this thing ;)

Good luck, my dear


Anonymous said...
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