Friday, February 26, 2021

Free/Sale - Awen Rising & Awen Storm


Awen Rising and Awen Storm are available today through Sunday (February 26th - 28th) for free and $.99 respectively.

If you haven't already purchased a copy, now is your chance to get a super deal. Both books, totaling 700ish pages, can be had for less than a dollar! Just click the links below the picture.

Awen Rising 

Beset by inner demons and disastrous storms, Emily Hester must find the courage to embrace her Druid destiny before a Reptilian horde exterminates all humans, including her.

Awen Storm

The Reptilians are amassing inside the planet. They despise humans. They have no souls. And if they find a way out, our world is doomed. Can Emily escape and seize her magical powers? Or will Earth be left to the mercy of these monsters?

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That Rebel, Olivia J. Herrell, writing as O. J. Barré

O. J. Barré is the author of the Awen trilogy, a pre-apocalyptic urban fantasy set in 2042 Atlanta. Steeped in current, ancient, and future history twists, Book One, Awen Rising debuted July 2019. Book Two, Awen Storm, released May 2020. Book Three, Awen Tide, arrives late Summer 2021. And be on the lookout for her Awen prequel which has even more of a sci-fi bent, The Druids of Marduk, available soon on Amazon.

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