Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Better All The Time

Yesterday marked the beginning of pulling back out of the wild gray yonder, and today I woke up feeling fantastic. I attribute it to Serotone, a natural supplement by Apex Energetics, one of my favorite suppliers. Which confirms my suspicion: low serotonin levels are causing the oversleeping, overeating and overemoting. Classic depression symptoms. Gone.

I missed my post, but I'm happy to report that I did write another chapter (700ish pages) yesterday and it was good enough to pass muster by my new reader, JP.

BIG rebel yell: YEEHAAAAA!

Which is rebel for I am seriously grateful because:
  1. I feel great and have a much-diminished appetite (including no desire at all for sweets!);
  2. Not only am I writing again, it's good! (God, that sounds self-serving. But I really like it!)
  3. When I asked JP if he wanted to read it (yeah, all of it, which amounts at the moment to about 8000 words including the synopsis), he without hesitation said YES and immediately sat down and did just that. Yeehaaw, I hit the jackpot, didn't I! Anybody jealous?
  4. JP likes it. And my writing. He read a bit of Churches, Chickens and ChiChi's (my currently sidelined, half-completed first novel) and laughed out loud. Yes! He did! My heart pitter-pattered.
  5. Once again, blogging has helped me get back on track with writing. Seems that falling off the Blogger wagon (for me) is equivalent to writer's block.
So, yeah. Big gratitude. Big rebel yell.

Wanna peek? Okay. A tiny excerpt from yesterday's chapter. Meet Emily, our heroine, through the eyes of James Kersey, the attorney who tracked her down. She was taken thirty years ago by her mother, and until now knew nothing of her real identity or that she had a father who never gave up searching for her.

Breezing in to his suite, Jim deposited the briefcase on his secretary’s desk and grabbed the file she was holding in the air for him.

“Thanks, Rachelle. Is she in there?” he asked, then hesitated at the look on her carved ebony face.


“Oh nothing,” she replied, in a voice that meant anything but. “Emily’s getting restless. You’d better go on in.”

Shaking his head at what was obviously some joke he wasn’t in on, Jim pushed through the door of his inner sanctum. No Emily.

Crossing to his desk, he dropped her file then strode to the conference room. She wasn’t there either. In two strides he was outside the bathroom door knocking.

“Emily? You in there?” he asked, careful to keep the urgency out of his voice.

The toilet flushed and the door opened on a petite woman with glowing red hair shot through with gold. He stared, having never seen hair that color. He wasn’t sure if it was the halo of light behind her, but for a moment she looked like a cherubim or a mermaid, or some other exotic creature. Then her bottom lip poked out in a full-on pout and her eyes shot fire. He’d never seen green eyes do that, either

There you have it. I'll share more tidbits as time goes on, if you'd like. What say you?

~ Olivia J. Herrell

A little Beatles to celebrate the Friday before Thanksgiving. Happy Friday!



Michelle Gregory said...

yay for Olivia!

Donna Shields said...

Glad to hear you're more upbeat. Thanks for the sneak. Sounds great!!

Denise Covey said...

Olivia, I'm so glad you're on track again. Loved your excerpt. I'd like to read more, for sure. Keep smiling and writing.

Yeah, I'm still around.


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