Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Rebel Hallelujah

My friend, Ivy Bliss, mentioned Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah on Facebook this morning. Somehow, from that, I proceeded to listen to four or five different versions of this soulful, evocative song. The melody haunts, lifts, lowers and crawls, then rises up again in hallelujah.

I kept coming back to Leonard Cohen's version. It is his song, after all. He wrote it. Everyone else's? Great covers. Jeff's. Kd Lang's. Rufus Wainwright's.

But, the angels in the background (both human and organ-ic) and Leonard's breathy voice stumbling out monotone, clipped words of agony and ecstasy do something to me that the other versions don't quite achieve: it wrings tears from the cockles of my heart. Hallelujah.

My prayer today is that you find the blessing in every moment. Better yet, the Hallelujah.

Happy Thanksgiving ~ Olivia J. Herrell


February Grace said...

The Wainwright version is my all time favorite- though Celtic Thunder did a pretty one too. Three Irish guys singing in perfect harmony- it gives me chills.

It's an amazing song, no doubt.


Ivy Bliss said...

I love them all...Jeff Buckley's was the first I ever heard, so I'm kinda partial... :)
I hope you had a great thanksgiving. Let's catch up soon!
I love you!

Jules said...

OOH, I love that song and have several of those covers. Thanks for loving my rants, seems life keeps throwing them at me. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

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